Smuggling Quiz!

In order to get some friendly competition going, I’m going to post a quiz question on smuggling everyday!  Just post your answer below, and the winning answer will get a big round of applause!! If it takes off, this may be upgraded to a lengthier quiz with the possibility of a t-shirt/mug or some other suitably awesome gift as a prize! Good luck!

4/8/09: What was a wool smuggler called in the 18th century?

5/8/09: What was the name of the method used by both smugglers and preventive officers to retrieve contraband left on the seabed?

6/8/09: In what year were the Coast Guard formed?

7/8/09: What was the name of the famous West Country smuggler at Beer?

8/8/09: What was the surname of the man often referred to in the “Resurrection Bob” story?

Right, anyone who answers these gets a prize! I’ll add more, once these are answered!



  1. Owler


    The Coastguard Service came into operation in 1822. In 1831 the Coast Blockade was absorbed into this new service.

    Jack Rattenbury


    There are my answers, now where is my prize!!

  2. Awesome effort Maz, You massive geek! I’ll buy you chocolate when you get home!

    • sweet!!

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